Proxacine Ingredients

Proxacine BottleProxacine was developed by Dr. James Chappell to help with the aging process, reduce pain and enhance the immune system. Each serving of Proxacine contains 700 mg of Morinda Citrifolia, also known as noni. In addition to Morinda Citrifolia, Proxacine also contains a proprietary blend of DHEA, R-Lipoic, Humic and Fulvic acids, N-Acetyl-L-Carnitine. Each capsule of Proxacine is encapsulated with a vegetable capsule for even better digestion and absorption.

Proxacine truly is the doctor-developed natural formula that can nutritionally help you stop father time from robbing your body of its youthful vigor! The powerful ingredients in Proxacine were chosen specifically to help you feel young again. Protect your cells, boost your immune system and rejuvenate your mind and body….naturally.


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Proxacine Ingredients Label

Proxacine Ingredients